About Lifeline

Who we are?

A market leader in the medical rehabilitation equipment business.

With more than 150 employees, 25 sales offices in 7 countries in the region, Lifeline have an extensive Asia Pacific sales & distribution network covering various healthcare institutions including government and private hospitals, day surgery centres, specialist and primary care clinics, laboratories and nursing homes.

Lifeline Australia

1991. Established Singapore

Lifeline Corporation Pte Ltd – Supply quality healthcare products at affordable prices coupled with responsive service.

1993. Expanded

Operations into Malaysia, Lifeline Innovators Sdn Bhd.

2001. Opening

Branch in Ipoh (Malaysia).

2004. Opening

Of Subang Jaya (Malaysia) Showroom.

2007. Opening

Branch in Penang (Malaysia).

2010. Opening

Branch in Johor Bahru (Malaysia).

2011. Opening

Wisma Lifeline – Kuala lumpur Headquaters for Malaysia and opening of Sabah Branch (Malaysia).

2013. Opening

Branch in Malacca (Malaysia).

2017. Opening

New Showrooms in Malacca and Subang Square (Malaysia).

2018. Expansion

Lifeline Corporation Pty Ltd established in Perth.

2019. Expansion

Lifeline Distribution and Merchandising Philippine Inc established in Manila

Our Partners & Subsidiaries

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Lifeline Profile

Company Profile

Quality Service

Lifeline is the first medical company in Singapore to be awarded the Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices in Singapore (GDPMDS) certification in October 2008. With the achievement of the prestigious ISO9001 Award in 1997, Lifeline has a team of dedicated staff to ensure top quality products and services in every aspect of our business.

Expanding Beyond Singapore and Malaysia

Lifeline has a visible presence in Malaysia since 1993. Today, our Malaysian headquarters HQ and warehouse operates out of Kuala Lumpur with branch offices and retail showrooms in Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Malacca, and Sabah, and a secondary warehouse is in Gelang Patah, Johor.

In 2018, Lifeline established Lifeline Corporation Pty Ltd in Perth.

Retail Presence in Singapore Hospitals

Lifeline operates four retail showrooms in Singapore: Singapore General Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Renci Community Hospital, and the Lifeline HQ showroom at 130 Joo Seng Road.

On-Time Delivery, Every Time

To manage an efficient supply chain, we maintain our own fleet of vehicles and warehouses for all our delivery in Singapore and Malaysia. This makes for efficient handling and on-time delivery of orders, manage by our SAP system in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Excellent, Extensive Supplier Relationships

Our extensive network of vendors and suppliers from numerous countries means that we can offer the best solutions for our customers—made even better by routine factory visits that give us access to feedback on our products and services.

Spirit of Innovation

Lifeline’s innovative spirit is embodied in our active participation in R&D and product development. We are constantly working with our suppliers to provide vital product ideas and feedback to produce better and more superior next-generation products. Safety and quality are critical for us so that we pass the high standards of the Singapore Government’s Agency for Integrated Care.

A Living Motto, a Driving Ideal

Nothing keeps Lifeline at its very best more than our focus on people, their happiness, their health, and our motto to help them “Live a Fuller Life!”

Health & Safety Policy

Lifeline Corporation is a leading medical equipment and safety equipment supplier in the healthcare and emergency industry.

We are committed to provide our staff, partners and customers with a healthy, safe and secure environment.

This policy applies to our company’s premises at our HQ, retail outlets and our customer’s premises.

Lifeline strives, through constant improvement to fully integrate health, safety and security into all aspects of our activities.

This will be achieved by:

  • Implementing and regular monitoring of a framework to ensure a strong management of health, safety and security in our daily task and in legal compliance to other requirements.
  • Setting measurable objectives and goals on a yearly basis to track an annual improvement and a decrease to risky activities.
  • Raising the level of awareness of health, safety and security.
  • Working with all our partners and customers to embrace the SG Secure movement, lead by our SG Secure representative.



Lifeline’s main clients are the elderly and physically disabled, yet we believe we can do so much more for those around us. As we have expanded into Southeast Asian markets and beyond, it is our ambition to uplift our customers, partners and environment.

Our Community

On 29 November 2018, 21 of our Lifeliners gave back to their community by volunteering with Food from the Heart (FFTH), a local food distribution non-profit organization. They passionately helped staff at FFTH to carefully check food expiry dates of the food packages meant for FFTH’s beneficiaries.

Our Lifeliners were also involved in manually sorting and packing food packages with FFTH staff and had a fruitful time in serving those in need. Notably, some Lifeliners even brought their children along in this volunteering activity, hoping to inspire the next generation to have a heart for serving the community!